How much do you charge for product destruction services?

We’re proud to offer competitive rates on our product destruction services. The exact cost of your job will depend on the size and nature of the products requiring removal and/or destruction. Simply contact our friendly team on 1300 141 315 to get your free quote today.

What are your operating hours?

Throughout Sydney, meaning we can offer immediate response to your business. After hours services are available – just talk to our team on 1300 141 315!

What type of clients do you service?

We have clients in a wide range of industries, including retail, tech and hospitality. With our knowledgeable team and leading-edge equipment, we have the capacity to remove and destroy packaged products, hazardous products, heavy products, products containing food matter, products requiring private and discrete removal, and products stored at heights or in confined spaces.

What products can be picked up?

Our services apply to damaged items, defect items, recalled items, network switches and routers, end of life equipment, obsolete items, out of date products, production overruns, quarantined stock, stock disposal, software and hard drives, and all other unwanted products.

How can you guarantee the product is destroyed?

If applicable, a Certificate of Destruction (COD) is provided. In all cases, our disposal facility has a warrant that the product/s are absolutely destroyed and rendered unusable. We can also facilitate and provide to you video footage of your products being destroyed.

Where is Enviro Product Destruction Services based?

We’ll come to you! Because we have several roaming vehicles and capacity to travel, we can service clients in Sydney metro and north or south along the coast. Our headquarters are located in Yennora within Greater Western Sydney, and our key waste disposal facility is conveniently positioned near Sydney CBD.

How long has Enviro Product Destruction Services been operating?

Enviro Product Destruction Services was originally a service within the Enviro Waste Services brand. Due to increasing demand and positive response from the community, we are now a complete sector within the greater Enviro Group corporation. As such, we have decades of combined experience delivering a range of quality services to Australia.

Where do the products go after being picked up?

After being retrieved from your premise, your unwanted products will be transported to our private waste disposal facility in Sydney by one of our modern trucks/vehicles. Once at the disposal facility, the products will either be destroyed using machinery, or recycled to the highest environmental standards. The manner in which your products are dealt with will depend on the arrangement made during your initial consultation with our team.

What are your qualifications?

The Enviro Group team has several experienced and thoroughly trained individuals who assist with all facets of product destruction. We are compliant with all relevant regulations, go above and beyond health and safety requirements, and also meet Australian waste processing standards. Additionally, we have a strict environmental policy that ensures our services are conducted with a minimal impact, while still satisfying the requests of our clients.

To find out more information, contact us today.

For destruction of unwanted, damaged, expired, recalled or dangerous goods, choose Enviro Product Destruction Services.