Destroy Old Products

Five Reasons to Securely Destroy Old Products

1. Because your product is faulty.

If a faulty, defective, or expired product is sold and distributed, then your company may face significant legal risk. You may be responsible for any damage or injury that follows from the use of your product. Risk may also exist if your disclaimers were inadequate. Basically, to have a faulty product for sale is to make yourself liable. Whether you have detected this fault yourself or it has become apparent through a complaint or legal action, it is safest to recall these products from suppliers and have them securely destroyed.

2. Because you have rebranded

Perhaps your company has changed hands, or you have rebranded to have a new and modern brand. If your old products are still in existence, there is a risk that they will be misidentified or misused by someone, potentially on your own staff, who is not aware of the importance of this issue. By destroying products featuring your old brand, you can start to build up your new brand without ‘diluting’ your message or tainting it with the old brand.

3. Because unneeded products are wasting your space.

Maybe you have a bunch of old paperwork from the 90s that is no longer relevant or which you are no longer required to store. However, because this contains confidential information, it is not as if you can simply put it into the regular waste and risk it becoming public. Besides, it may be too large to fit into your regular waste facilities, or if it is a different item (e.g., something chemical or battery based) then it may not be safe or responsible to dispose of that way. While it might be ‘harmless’ on site, it does take up room, and that’s room you are paying for and room that is hindering your other operations.

4. Because your trade secrets are at stake.

Imagine that you developed a prototype of a particular product. It paved the way for the product that you have ended up selling, but it was only a prototype and not available for sale. Now you have perfected the design, you may not need this anymore but the idea of leaving your intellectual property at the dump where it will exist for all time can be a little nerve wracking, particularly if you have not patented your ideas. In such instances, sustainable waste management may be the best solution.

5. Because you need to comply with relevant legislation.

Even if you do not have a personal motivation for product removal or complex product destruction, the authorities that regulate your industry may require you to do so. Businesses are likely aware of this, so it becomes a matter of finding a waste management company that you can trust with your product destruction Sydney, who can give you the peace of mind of a certificate of destruction.

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