How to Choose a Product Destruction Company in Sydney?

Do you require expired, recalled or damaged products to be securely collected and destroyed by a professional waste management company?

It can be challenging for businesses and organisations in Sydney and surrounds to decide on which product destruction company to proceed with, so in this article we have provided a list of questions to ask when deciding on a product removal and product destruction company.

1. What services do they offer?

The key question to ask is whether their services meet your needs. Consider what type of products you need to be removed and destroyed. Does their website specify that they are able to remove and destroy these products? Do they service all industries and all products?

Consider whether they service the hospitality, retail, health, tech, industrial and commercial sector, for example. Also, whether they can help with damaged items, defected items, recalled items, end of life equipment, obsolete items, out of date products, product overruns, quarantined stock, software and hard drives, and diverse other unwanted products.

2. Are they able to provide a certificate of destruction?

Your company may require a certificate of destruction to be provided as a formal notification that the goods have been appropriately and securely disposed of. This may provide your own team peace of mind. It may also be required by satisfy regulators, to provide proof in case of a legal dispute, to document compliance, and for a range of other reasons.

3. Do they have a vehicle fleet to ensure secure transport?

Make sure to choose a product destruction business that has a range of vehicles which will be able to safely hold and transport your disposed products. Also ensure that the company has a facility that is their own facility, to ensure security of the product you want to destroy, and also to ensure that the equipment is at hand for a thorough and total destruction.

4. Do they offer a 24/7 service and a quick turnaround?

Sometimes the destruction process can’t wait and needs to be effected immediately. You may wish to choose a company that offers 24/7 service so you can access product removal, Sydney enviro product destruction and waste recycling, so that the process needn’t impact regular business operations inside business hours, or so it can be done on short notice in times of need.

5. Does the company offer other services, and do they have a good reputation within the industry?

Companies that offer product destruction may also offer other services that could be of use, such as liquid waste management or pump service, pump maintenance and pump repair. If there are additional companies within the same group, you will have even more evidence by which to measure a company’s reputation and qualifications to support your projects – as is the case here at Enviro Services Group.

6. Are they committed to sustainability?

If your business cares about sustainable waste management, seek out a company that is focused on sustainability, the responsible disposal of waste and recycling where possible.


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