How to Dispose Of Faulty Products Returned Under Warranty

How to Dispose of Faulty Products Returned Under Warranty?

Does your business manage warranty claims? What do you do with the faulty products that are returned to your business? Do you dispose of them safely and securely?

How your business answers these questions can have a large impact on your productivity, safety, and reputation. Warranty claims are inevitable, whatever industry you operate in, but how they are managed has a significant impact.

Parts of the warranty claim may be able to be separated and used as spare parts or components in the future. But what about those parts that are faulty? Every business needs a strategy for product removal and product destruction. What is yours?

Why do you need a secure disposal strategy for warranty claims?

You need a secure disposal strategy because:

  • It poses a safety risk. They cannot and should not end up in the hands of other consumers. The risk of this happening is heightened if you leave faulty products on the premises. It is safest to dispose of them using certified product destruction to ensure the risk is contained and eliminated.
  • Because those are not a good look for your business. If it can be seen by consumers, then this can make it seem that more of your products are faulty and not just this particular product. They may not see it as the isolated incident it is. It is better for your public relations to dispose of those products.
  • Because keeping faulty products heightens the risk of resale or usage. If you dispose of your waste through your bins, and these bins are stored in a public place, there is a risk that consumers will pilfer the bins and use the products, even though they are damaged. This may be unsafe, but it will also reduce the likelihood they will transact with you because they will have a low quality substitute to use. 

How to securely dispose of faulty products that are returned as warranty claims

If you are a distributor who buys from a manufacturer, your manufacturer may want or expect you to return the items to them. In this instance, follow their instructions.

However, the manufacturer-distributor relationship is often different. Often, manufacturer’s trust in the judgement of distributors and do not require to receive their warranty claims back, leaving the disposal of faulty products in the hands of the distributor. If you are yourself the manufacturer, then naturally the responsibility of secure product destruction falls to you.

So, the question remains – how to dispose of products securely?

Many companies handling warranty claims on a larger scale will depend on the product removal and destruction services of a company such as Enviro Product Destruction, who can assist with sustainable waste management, issuing a certificate of destruction and waste recycling.

To arrange complete destruction on a once-off or ongoing basis, contact Enviro Product Destruction. You can also browse our website for more information about our services.


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