Product Destruction in Sydney: a Quick Guide

Everyone has their own reasons for wanting to destroy a product. They will also have the time to hear you out on what you need to achieve with the job.

Common reasons for a business to destroy a product include:

  • Product is faulty and therefore a risk to the public and the brand if it continues to circulate. This fault may have been discovered before an incident, or brought to light by a product recall.
  • Because the product is taking up too much space on site.
  • Product is not working properly and therefore is an occupational health and safety risk.
  • Because the product demonstrates a trade secret, or contains private information that should not be disclosed to competitors or to others outside of the company.
  • Destruction is required for you to remain a compliant operator and to avoid fines.
  • Because the brand and reputation of the company is at risk and the ongoing existence of these products is a liability.
  • Industry regulations require secure product destruction.

Why have your products destroyed by a professional?

By having your products destroyed by a professional product destruction company in Sydney, you can ensure that they are destroyed thoroughly, comprehensively, and securely.

Many businesses who try to do it themselves end up asking: how do you do product removal? And not quite knowing the answer.

Many businesses simply do not have the time or the resources to carry out secure  destruction process themselves, nor the space to accommodate a build-up of products.

When people decide to contract a company rather than destroying products themselves, it is often because they want to integrate destruction and product removal. With a company like Enviro Product Destruction, they can have the product removed and destroyed in one go.

Such companies have facilities which enable sustainable waste management and waste recycling. Therefore, subcontracting product destruction may be a way to be more environmentally responsible.

Those who elect to use an external service are also wanting to use the best machinery and equipment for destruction, to give them the peace of mind that destruction is total.

Finally, they may also need or desire a certificate of destruction. This can be important for compliance matters and to demonstrate to regulators that you are taking safety and corporate responsibility seriously.

How to select a production destruction service in Sydney

When selecting a company, consider the following:

  • How soon can I access their service?
  • Can they operate 24/7 or is it only a day-time service?
  • Are they a customer-centric service?
  • Where do they operate, and can they reach my area?
  • Do they have expertise in the industry and related industries like waste management?
  • Can they provide a certificate of destruction?

If you need to arrange secure destruction process, we encourage you to contact Enviro Destruction team on 1300 141 315 or for more information.

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