What to do with unwanted products as a business

What to Do with Unwanted Products as a Business?

Knowing what to do with unwanted products can be challenging. It is often impossible to dispose of such products through your standard waste pick-up and disposal services. If they are sensitive products that are faulty and confidential, or which could be misused or resold, you may also want to have them destroyed securely rather than through a system where they could end up in the wrong hands.

Fortunately, there are companies that offer secure product destruction and product removal services in Sydney. They can assist to classify your products and offer a secure product destruction solution. This gives you peace of mind, frees up your workspace, and mitigates risk.

Reasons to destroy faulty or out of date products

Previously, we have written about the risks to reputation that can be posed by products that are not securely destroyed. Here are some additional reasons to consider product destruction that relate to storage conundrums:

  • Because redundant products take up space. Faulty or unused items take up space within your workplace that could be better used for other purposes. You may find that when new stock arrives, you don’t have the place to store it, and this can result in storing the new stock in a way that is dangerous or hard to access. Working around junk within the workplace can reduce efficiency to a remarkable degree.
  • Because a cluttered workspace makes it harder to remain safe. Having a cluttered workspace can increase the risk of a workplace health and safety incident. For example, stacked boxes can easily fall and injure people if they are allowed to get out of control. Certain products, for example food or beverage or chemical products, may actually become less safe over time and can be a bit of a ‘ticking time bomb’ that will only become riskier as time progresses.
  • Because storage isn’t a realistic option. Storing unneeded products can be a highly costly exercise when you decide to use a storage company or hire a facility for storage. This is also a pointless cost and represents wasted money if your long term goal is just to dispose of the products anyway.
  • Because unwanted products can be resold if they end up in the wrong hands. This may mean your new, up to date products cannot find a market and that you begin to sell less.

Finding a s company in Sydney

A destruction company or sustainable waste management partner will need to have their own transport fleet and destruction or waste recycling facility. They will need to be able to assist with product removal prior to destruction, be able to offer complex product destruction services, and ideally be able to offer a certificate of destruction for your peace of mind. For destruction services in Sydney that ticks all of these boxes, look no further than Enviro Product Destruction.

For more information on how we can assist with product destruction for businesses, browse our website or contact our team.


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