Why Shouldnt I Dispose of Products in General Waste

Why Shouldn’t I Dispose of Products in General Waste?

While many types of waste can be disposed of in general waste, there are certainly some types of waste that should never be put in the everyday bin or tossed into the wastebasket. In this article, Enviro Product Destruction will discuss three major reasons why you should never dispose of certain items through general waste.

1. Because they are dangerous to dispose of via general bin.

Some items such as batteries, appliances, and liquid waste may need to be disposed of in a specific way. Certain dangerous items, if they are placed in general landfill, may leach chemicals into the earth and contaminate waterways, potentially impact ecosystems and even human health.

2. Because there could be penalties for disposing of them through general waste.

Depending on your jurisdiction some products may even carry a penalty if you dispose of them in the incorrect manner. If in doubt it is logical to at the very least gain the advice of a qualified product destruction company, who can let you know of the correct process for disposing of your waste.

3. Because you may want to protect the information they contain.

Certain information is sensitive. Your possession of intellectual property may be a financial advantage, and help you to maintain a competitive edge. Alternatively, your old electronic equipment or hard drives may contain information about employees, contractors or clients that is highly confidential. It would be an awful look, and potentially carry severe legal consequences, to reveal this information by accident through improper disposal of products.

4. Because they don’t fit in the general trash bin.

This is an obvious one, but something that can easily be overlooked. Sometimes you just can’t fit your waste in the general waste bin! This often happens when you are clearing out the warehouse or working space, or going through old waste and deciding what to throw out. In such cases you may wish to contract the services of a qualified product destruction specialist who can help you to manage the waste, so it doesn’t build up and get in the way around the workspace.

5. Because you can’t get a certificate of destruction through general wastage.

Sometimes, proof that you have managed to securely destroy waste may be required. It can sometimes be a necessary step in demonstrating your compliance with regulators. It can also help to give your organisation peace of mind, and as a token that the waste has been securely and effectively destroyed as you required.

Partnering with a product destruction expert

For the most secure possible product destruction, partner with the specialist such as Enviro , Our services cover sustainable waste management, product removal, complex product destruction, waste recycling, and certificates of destruction.

For more information or if you need unsafe or problematic products destroyed that you cannot safely dispose of through the general waste, contact Enviro Product Destruction on 1300 141 315 info@envirowaste.com. We look forward to working with you.


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